Professional landscapers know how to combine hard and soft landscaping to create public and private gardens, roof spaces, street landscaping and pedestrian areas that are aesthetically pleasing.

Where lawns, flower beds, herbaceous borders, paths and driveways intersect, well-defined boundaries make these areas easier to maintain.

By using a landscape edging product, designers can prevent lawns encroaching on planted zones, contain gravelled areas, add stability to the edges of asphalt pathways and drives and divide contrasting hard landscape surfaces.

ExcelEdge is a Kinley Group company that designs and manufactures landscape edging for applications ranging from domestic gardens to civil engineering projects.

The range of landscape edging products from ExcelEdge are all made from aluminium and steel, which are more durable and less visible than traditional concrete pin kerbing. They also avoid unsightly grass die-back caused by concrete products.

ExcelEdge products are easier and more cost-effective to install. Their unique design means no concrete haunching is required, so hard surfaces, topsoil and turf can be laid immediately after installation to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

While strong and durable, the edging is also flexible and can be easily laid to follow meandering curves.

Choosing your edging product

AllEdge is a garden edging made from high grade extruded aluminium and is perfect for edging flowerbeds, lawns and gravel paths. Its contemporary styling and low maintenance make it a very attractive product and it is both lightweight and easy to install. No additional fixings or firm base is required to instal this product and it can be used to create both straight lines and undulating curves for spectacular home garden designs.

Borderline is also a garden edging but is made from steel for greater strength and with an attractive brown powder-coated finish that blends easily into natural surroundings such as lawns and flower beds. This is a more practical option for areas where there is regular soil activity, such as kitchen gardens and allotments, and for gravel drives. Also available in galvanised and untreated steel.

AluExcel is our flagship aluminium edging product. Manufactured from the highest grade of aluminium used for such products, it features integral feet for added stability and ease of installation and can be set in straight lines or curves. It can be used with resin bonded rubber surfaces, asphalt, loose gravel, blocks, bricks and paving slabs, making it suitable for playgrounds, paths and paving as well as a border between soft and hard landscaping.

Urban steel edging is the perfect solution for areas of heavy traffic such as driveways as it is suitable for imprinted and plain concrete, tarmac and hot-lay surfaces. It provides a stylish link between hard and soft landscaping in private and public areas including paths, step risers, garden terraces, flower beds and shrubberies. Urban is available as powder-coated, galvanised, untreated or weathering (Corten) steel, which over time develops an attractive rust patina that protects the steel from further corrosion.

Fort heavy-duty steel edging also incorporates feet for stability and ease of installation, and bespoke designs can be created to follow intricate shapes. Its strength makes it the perfect product for raised planting areas on plazas and terraces. With a selection of galvanised, untreated, weathering (Corten) steel or bespoke RAL matched powder-coated finishes, Fort combines functionality with design.

Bison Kerb is the ultimate steel alternative to concrete kerbing, featuring double-thickness galvanised steel for additional strength and durability, a curved top edge for smooth design and safety, and integral feet on both sides of the kerb for added stability and ease of installation. Unlike concrete pin kerbing, it can be installed without concrete haunching, and hard surfaces or topsoil can be laid immediately. Steel kerbing also prevents grass die-back caused by concrete products.

Going bespoke

With shapes

All our edging products are supplied in straight lengths but at our UK design and manufacturing facility, we can form them into flowing curves and intricate shapes that perfectly fit your landscape design. Paths can meander through flower beds and shrubberies, raised planting can add curves to the linear appearance of plazas and terraces.

With colour

While our range of galvanised, untreated and weathering (Corten) steel finishes can be used to create contrast or blend in with their surroundings, RAL-matched powder coating can bring striking splashes of colour to landscape architecture

Buying British

Increased costs of overseas manufacturing and shipping now mean that our higher-quality British design and in-house manufacturing is now the more cost-effective option for our customers.

At our innovation centre in East Sussex, we are continuously evolving our product range to create and satisfy trends in the landscaping sector. This facility also allows us to bring new products to market faster and rapidly deliver short-run and bespoke production.

More information on our design and manufacturing capabilities can be found on our Manufacturing page.

Getting professional support

Whether you are a customer or a professional, we are here to support you at every stage of your edging project from design to completion, helping you create exciting outdoor spaces with products that are attractive, practical, safe and durable.

If you are an architect, landscape designer or contractor we also offer a range of CPD (continual professional development) courses that enrich your knowledge of our products, where you can explore the possibilities of aluminium and steel edging and get practical guidance on applications and installation.


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