Contemporary commercial rooftop garden - winner of two prestigious landscaping awards.

116 Old Street offers 18,130 sq ft of state-of-the-art office space, developed in the former home of the Margolin Gramophone factory, London.

The project detail

The intensive green rooftop garden above 116 Old Street aimed to maximise biodiversity in order to have a positive ecological impact on the local environment. It can be seen from the ground and surrounding buildings. The award-winning, exquisite design by John Davies Landscape was made possible with Kinley’s innovative products and talented design and manufacturing team.

Architect: gpadLandscape Architect: John Davies Landscape
Main Contractor: Coast View EstatesProduct Installer: Greenside Landscape

Choosing the product

Products installed: Kinley Terrace System sub structure and Terrafina decking, Prism planters, Perimeta benches, Recess and Egress lighting, CorTen steel doorway

Application: Rooftop space for office building

The design incorporates angular benching and planters which required Kinley’s bespoke products. The Kinley Terrace System sub structure – made up of joists, pedestals and rooftrays, was chosen to ensure a level roof terrace that supported the waterproofing. This, combined with the Terrafina decking ensured easy installation.

Recess lighting was inserted into the planters and is also utilised as emergency lighting.

A CorTen steel cupboard acts as an entrance to the services and wiring behind the green wall – creating the illusion of a mysterious doorway to the unknown.

Managing the installation

The Kinley team provided full project management support to the installation contractor to ensure the complex and intricate products were installed as intended. This included a number of site visits by Kinley’s technical expert.

Overcoming the challenges

Complex product requirements. The angular corner bench design was unusual, but Kinley loves a challenge! It required specialist product design and our skilled carpenter had to mitre the edges of each bench panel to ensure they met in the middle to create a seamless join.

Transporting products to site. An external hoist was used to deliver items up to the roof terrace. This meant that each item, such as the decking boards, had to fit into the hoist. This drove the design of the project and Kinley had to ensure we could be as flexible as possible with individual product sizes.

The end result

John Davies Landscape’s design allowed Kinley to get creative with a range of products to ensure the architect’s vision could be met. The final result is a green haven with far reaching views across London which is the winner of the Society of Garden Designers’ 2020 Awards for Public or Commercial Outdoor Space category, as well as The Grand Award - Winner of Winners.

The judges noted that the garden is “a hugely creative design that has been brilliantly executed demonstrating environmental responsibilities that we should all be embracing.”

The clever planting layout and choice combines a mix of taller trees and smaller shrubs that are suitable for each of the seasons, to create interest and beauty all year round.

This inspiring garden is an extension of the office space at 116 Old Street, as well as being used for functions and recreation.

Why Kinley?

We have worked with the landscape architect before and they knew that we would have the right mindset and capabilities to bring the inspirational design to life.

Kinley was also able to supply a number of the required landscaping products, which made procurement easy, and also meant that the products worked together in harmony.

We make it possible for you to create amazing outdoor spaces.

At Kinley we work with clients to make their ideas reality. From small to large projects, we help create inspiring and unique outside spaces and urban environments through pioneering design and quality landscape products.

I’m delighted with the roof terrace created at 116 Old Street. I had a strong vision which I knew Kinley could support. Together we have accomplished a magnificent peaceful haven that many people will get to enjoy .

-- John Davies, John Davies Landscape

Products Installed

Perimeta - Prism



Perimeta - Benches



Perimeta - Benches



Terrafina - Excel Boards


Excel Boards

Raaft - RoofTray

Support Structures


Raaft - VersiJack

Support Structures


Raaft - Raaft Joists

Support Structures

Raaft Joists

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