Download CAD drawings to help you understand how each product works and how best to include them in your project specification. 

When you click on the ‘Download’ button it will open a zip file with PDF, DWG, DXF, IFC and RVT formats  (depending on what is available for each product). You will be able to use these in your project drawings and BIM package.



AluExcel 18mm Edging
AluExcel 25mm Edging
AluExcel 40mm Edging
AluExcel 50mm Edging
AluExcel 65mm Edging
AluExcel 75mm Edging
AluExcel 100mm Edging
AluExcel 120mm Edging
AluExcel 150mm Edging
AluExcel 15mm Edging
100 mm Premium Edging
100 mm Perforated Edging
150 mm Perforated Edging
200 mm Perforated Edging
250 mm Perforated Edging
300 mm Perforated Edging
50 mm Perforated Edging
75 mm Perforated Edging
150 x 5 mm Soft Landscape Edging
100 x 3 mm Soft Landscape Edging
100 x 2 mm Soft Landscape Edging
150 x 3 mm Soft Landscape Edging
150 x 3 mm Flexible Heavy Duty Angle Edging
150 x 6 mm flexible heavy duty angle edging



Planterline Bespoke
HiGrade Bespoke
Prism Bespoke
Planterline Cube
Inset Cantilever Bench
Cantilever Offset Benches
Top Mounted Bench
Freestanding Benches



Excel boards
Plain deck, 21 x 146 mm, 6m
Yacht deck, 21 x 146 mm, 6m
Access clip
Substructure profile, Large 35 x 80mm, 6m
Substructure profile, Small 17 x 60mm, 4m




Support Structures


Raaft aluminium Terrafina/ Paving joist - 50mm
Raaft aluminium Terrafina/ Paving joist - 80mm
Joist support wing 28mm
Joist support wing 48mm
Raaft aluminium Terrafina/Paving joist - 30mm
RoofTray 640 x 540 x 48mm
RoofTray 640 x 440 x 48mm
Aluminium Decking Joist for Self Drilling Screws
Aluminium Decking Joist for Wood Screws


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