Achieving a perfectly zoned shared space using CorTen steel planters.

Described as the new beating heart of Hammersmith, 245 Hammersmith, London provides 242,000 sq ft of creative, collaborative and recreational space. The public plaza and park will play host to unique events and pop ups, and perfectly complements the office and retail units. Completed in August 2019, this highly complex £500,000 planter project truly showcases how Kinley can make amazing spaces possible.

The project detail

The design for a plaza and park surrounding 245 Hammersmith was ambitious. The vision included a grand sweeping stairway with built-in seating and plants. The public space combined lush open lawns with vibrant planted areas that required various height planters for an inspiring and highly creative space. A mix of curves and straight edged planters were needed to create the extensive thoroughfares as well as the practical, yet collaborative recreational terraces.

Location: LondonLandscape Architect: Exterior Architecture
Main Contractor: PJ CareysProduct Installer: PJ Careys

Choosing the product

Products installed: 3mm and 6mm CorTen steel Perimeta Bespoke Planters in various heights.
Application: Planters were incorporated into several areas, including stairs, a terrace and pathways.

Choosing the product

The project required fully bespoke steel planters to effectively define the edge and retain the topsoil for the shrubbery and the stairway. Planters were also used to create green areas among decking, tiles and benches.

The design, landscape and usage were all carefully considered when choosing appropriate products. CorTen steel was used to draw a breathtaking contrast between the concrete, decking and green shrubs, as the surface patina gradually turns into the shades of orange and brown it is famous for, as it weathers over time.

Planter heights varied between 295mm and 2254mm to create interesting shapes and to meet the practical elements of construction. In total, 20 planters were designed, manufactured and delivered to the site, in modular bolt-together sections for simple installation at site.

Managing the installation

Kinley’s bespoke planter panel systems have a bottom fold and triangular brackets for fixing into concrete foundations. Each planter is preformed to the individual specification and delivered in sections to site. Bespoke cladding panels were needed which included a bottom fold for rainwater control. A modification panel in 3mm CorTen steel was also required to fit planters seamlessly into the concrete step design.

Overcoming the challenges

The technical ability and skillset of the Kinley Team was ideally suited to the project.

Challenging landscape – The overall staircase design was hugely complex and called for planters of various heights, thickness and shapes to delineate the stairs, seats and shrubs. Working out what combination of products would meet the requirements took time and skill. At Kinley we love this type of challenge and our team came up with a unique set of planters to create the awe-inspiring look, that ensured quality and an excellent overall finish.

Design changes – As with many projects, iterations were made to the architect’s design along the way to create the final piece. There was a desire to ensure that the ‘as built’ project met the initial design as much as possible. This is where Kinley excels. Our ability to solve problems brought this design to life, and really does ensure that the project has the wow-factor.

The end result

This ambitious project fully meets the desire of 21st Century design to create multi-functional space. People want inspiring workplaces with open space to relax during their downtime. The end result showcases awesome design, and what can be made possible in landscape architecture.

The public space will become a hub for events throughout the year – bringing people together in an inspiring setting that enables you to feel secluded, whilst ideally located between Heathrow and central London.

Why Kinley?

At Kinley we are known for standing at the forefront of innovation. We like to solve a problem and take on challenges that no one else will. Our obsession with quality and striving to create something better meant that we were the obvious choice to design a set of planters that could fulfil the dramatic vision of 245 Hammersmith.

Products Installed

Perimeta - HiGrade



Perimeta - Planterline



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