Contemporary residential roof terrace made possible with the innovative Kinley Terrace System.

Old Smokehouse, 33-35 Monier Road is a 7,000sq ft mixed use development on Fish Island in Hackney Wick, London. Kinley supported the development of the landscaped roof terrace for the 45 residential apartments. Completed in 2019, this had a project value of £75k.

The project detail

Set above the residential development at Monier Road, the contemporary roof terrace combines green space and planters with decking and seating and is designed to be a communal social and entertainment place for residents. The project had all the typical challenges of a roof terrace and high rise construction, as well as a requirement to use an untested surface.

Architect: HWO Architects, Hawkins/Brown and Buckley Gray YeomanLandscape Architect: Liz Lake Associates
Main Contractor: Aitch ConstructionProduct Installer: Valley Provincial

Choosing the product

Products installed: Kinley Terrace System - Pedestals, Raaft joists and galvanised roof trays. Planterline Bespoke planters and Iroko benches.

Application: Roof terrace

The Terrace System was used to combat the roof slope and create a level surface. The System was also able to support a variety of surfaces, and provided a new base for a resin bound surface, which had not previously been tested.

Managing the installation

The pedestals were installed straight on top of the waterproofing, with the roof trays onto the pedestals. This allowed for water run off to avoid pooling. The pedestals and joists formed the underlying support for the decking, planters, benches and grass areas.

The sub-base also held the resin bound roof. The galvanised roof trays were set directly on pedestals and screwed together to make a really rigid surface which held the resin. Our Aluexcel edging was used to contain the resin on top of the trays and complemented the scheme perfectly. 

Overcoming the challenges

Supporting the roof terrace – The Kinley Terrace System overcame the typical challenges of a roof top construction, including creating a level surface with adjustable height pedestals. The contractor also wanted to use a resin bound surface, as a cost effective and easy to install material. We tested the Terrace System and resin with the supplier before installation which proved that the sub-base and roof trays are ideal to hold this material.

Access to site – With no crane to lift products to the roof level, everything had to be carried up by hand. This potentially could have had an impact on timescales and the ability to get products to site. However, Kinley’s planters, for example come in modular panels. This makes transportation, delivery and installation on-site easy. Products are individually wrapped and therefore, remain protected until on site and ready to be installed.

The end result

Described as the new Shoreditch, the development is now an artistic hub aimed at creative professionals. The old industrial style blends with the new and creates an exciting, modern canal side community with views over Olympic site, Queen Victoria Park. Kinley’s high quality, contemporary style products gives the roof terrace an excellent finish and it is an ideal communal space.

Why Kinley?

Clients see Kinley as a team that can solve problems.  The contractor was looking for a product that could overcome all of the typical design challenges associated with a roof terrace – such as roof fall and maintaining the integrity of waterproofing. Kinley’s complete system has been designed and developed specifically to meet these challenges. We were also confident enough in the versatility of the system to test new surfaces and incorporate the resin bound flooring that the architect had requested. 

Kinley was also able to supply a number of additional landscaping products, including edging, stunning Iroko benches and bold, industrial looking planters which all work seamlessly together to create a truly inspirational space. The fully modular Kinley system gave the contractor confidence in the project.

We make it possible for you to create amazing outdoor spaces.

At Kinley we work with clients to make their ideas reality. From small to large projects, we help create inspiring and unique outside spaces and urban environments through pioneering design and quality landscape products.

Products Installed

Raaft - Raaft

Support Structures


Raaft - RoofTray

Support Structures


Perimeta - Planterline



Perimeta - Benches



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