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Kinley has significantly contributed to realising the vision for the project, with its products in use at multiple locations across the site. The flexibility in the aluminium allowed the design team to design more aesthetically pleasing layouts which were easily adhered to on the ground by the contractor.

Philip Lucey
Project Manager, Turner & Townsend

Our team recognises the importance of engaging with leading suppliers and specialists on every aspect of the project. Kinley offered expert knowledge during the early stages of the project all the way through to site completion. As a result of this collaborative effort, the reaction from the client and wider team has been overwhelmingly positive.

Rebecca Orr
Public Liaison Officer, Marlborough Highways

From the very first contact I found Kinley to be extremely helpful and efficient.

Bob Cropper
Aeropark Developments

The end result has justified all of our initial optimism that your Bison Edging was the right material for the job! All of the operatives we have put on the task have found the installation process extremely easy to pick up… Bison Edging is so much simpler to install than any other material currently in use! They have never layed material to a more precisely installed finished edge system!”

Del Whitlam
Public Liaison Officer, Marlborough Highways

The Bison Kerb has improved our work in so many different ways. We’re not dealing with breaking concrete edgings, they’re really strong, sturdy, it’s just a much easier job in general…a lot faster. We thought they were going to be flimsy, but we tested them and you can drive on them, roll up right next to them and they don’t move at all. A perfect join between tarmac and grass! I would recommend using this over concrete. We’ve saved so much time with laying them, and with the tarmacking side as well. Great product!

Nathan Rudd
Hudmac Surfacing

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