Made from granulated used tyres, this product both finds a way to extend the useful life of a previously useless commodity and provides a low-maintenance yet highly effective surface that prevents injury from falls and grazing in playground landscaping.


In contrast with other playground surfaces such as sand and bark chippings, rubber crumb is clean, more hygienic, maintains an even thickness over the entire area and is better at absorbing impact.

As this industry has developed, so has the demand for more imaginative use of the product to design more creative and visually stimulating pay areas. Once only available in black, rubber crumb surfaces can now be produced in a variety of colours and these are used to mark out different zones either for safety or to create a more visually appealing recreational area.

To demarcate these zones, edging must first be installed to provide a clear border between the colours and surrounding areas of hard or soft landscaping such as paving, asphalt and grass. This edging also maintains the integrity of the surface’s border, preventing erosion due to heavy traffic.

Play area edging

Play Area Edging Products

AluExcel CGI

Aluminium Landscape Edging


From £26.78 per length Perfect for
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Asphalt and tarmac
  • Wet-pour rubber and other safety surfacing
  • Resin bound gravel
  • Imprinted and plain concrete


AluExcel is ideally suited to this task. Being lightweight and only requiring metal stakes to securely hold it in position, it is extremely fast to install. It combines a rigidity that ensures straight lines remain straight with a flexibility that allows curves to be created on-site without special tools. Tighter radii and more complex shapes can be created to order in our factory during the manufacturing process.

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Metal play surface path edging
Metal play surface path edging
Metal play surface edging