Where two paving surfaces meet it is important to create distinct borders that differentiate between them, and metal edging systems provide a smart, discreet solution.


Manufactured in aluminium or steel, metal edging systems offer the urban architect creative possibilities that extend way beyond the limitations of concrete kerbing.

Many edging systems can be easily formed on-site or during manufacture to create sweeping curves or intricate shapes, and because they are only a few millimetres wide they are almost invisible when flush fitted.

Of course, such a good looking product sometimes deserved to be noticed. With a wide selection of depths to choose from, metal edging can also be used to create show-stopping edges to raised areas. Natural mill-finish aluminium is the perfect choice for a futuristic look or in coastal areas while weathering steel develops a natural patina over time that complements both natural and industrial surroundings. Powder coating is another style option, with colour matching to any RAL reference possible.

Public spaces


Metal edging is suited to a wide range of surfacing products. While suitable applications vary between products, this includes hot-rolled asphalt, resin-bound gravel, rubberised safety surfaces, loose aggregates such as gravel and chippings, and stone or concrete paving.


Aluminium and weathering steel offer excellent corrosion resistance and a maintenance-free lifespan that will last for decades. Galvanised steel and powder coating also offer good corrosion resistance.


Metal landscape edging is extremely lightweight, so manual handling is much easier than with concrete. Hidden connections between lengths of edging ensure seamless joints without ugly overlaps.

Metal stakes secure the edging in soft ground and fixings can be used to attach it to hard surfaces. Once it has been fixed into position, backfilling with soil, aggregate and even hot-rolled asphalt can be carried out immediately as it requires neither a concrete base nor haunching that need time to harden and set.


Public Space Edging Products

AluExcel CGI

Aluminium Landscape Edging


From £16.09 per length Perfect for
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Asphalt and tarmac
  • Wet-pour rubber and other safety surfacing
  • Resin bound gravel
  • Imprinted and plain concrete


This is the first choice for public areas as, being manufactured from aluminium, it is lightweight for carrying to the site, where it can also be easily formed to almost any shape.

Manufactured in six thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 8.5mm and ten heights ranging from 15mm to 150mm, AluExcel gives plenty of scope for creativity.

AluExcel is supplied with a natural mill finish as standard, which gives it durability, excellent resistance to corrosion and a long, low-maintenance lifespan even in coastal areas. If required, it can also be powder coated to order, matching any RAL colour.

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urban CGI

Steel Landscape Edging


Perfect for
  • Imprinted and plain concrete
  • Tarmac and hot-lay surfaces
  • Resin bound and loose gravels
  • Soft landscapes
  • Blocks and pavers


This is our contract steel edging product and a popular choice for public spaces. It is available in several finishes –galvanised or weathering steel (CorTen, or our more cost-effective alternative), or powder coated to any RAL colour.

Weathering steel is a particularly popular option due to the natural patina of oxidisation that forms on its surface over time. A natural barrier to corrosion, this also helps the product blend in with the earthy colours of mulch, soil and plants.

Urban can also be manufactured to bespoke heights and thicknesses and pre-formed during manufacture to create bespoke shapes for great visual effect or to accommodate landscaping and other features.

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Fort CGI

Steel Landscape Edging


Perfect for
  • Public spaces and plaza areas
  • Raised planting areas
  • Bespoke create intricate shapes
  • Heavy-duty


If the look of powder-coated or weathering steel is to be combined with extra strength, Fort is the recommended choice. Fort is best suited as an edge for paving as it is compatible with hot asphalt, tarmac, rubber coating, resin-bound and paving.

Although it has a total folded thickness of 7mm, Fort is easily formed to follow curves and contours and is manufactured in two heights (50mm and 75mm).

Available as standard in galvanised or weathering steel (CorTen, or our more cost-effective alternative), Fort can also be powder coated to any RAL colour.

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