Metal driveway edging products from ExcelEdge offer durable, low-maintenance alternatives that help preserve a driveway’s performance and appearance.


Manufactured in galvanised steel or aluminium, the slim profile of ExcelEdge products means that when flush fitted they are almost invisible. They are designed to be both rigid enough to maintain a perfectly straight line and flexible enough to be formed into dramatic sweeping curves or intricate shapes.

Metal edging has another advantage for the landscaper over concrete edging. Precast concrete and the wet-laid cement needed to haunch it contains acids that over time will leach into surrounding areas, and if grass lawn is laid next to concrete edging this will result in unsightly grass dieback. As no cement is used to install metal edging this problem will not occur. What’s more, metal edging can become a barrier protecting grass from concrete paving products.

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Compared with concrete kerbing and timber, metal edging is more resistant to damage caused by machinery, impact, rot and frost.

Aluminium and galvanised steel also offer excellent corrosion resistance and will be maintenance-free for decades


ExcelEdge has a driveway edging product for every type of drive surface – hot-rolled asphalt, tarmacadam, resin-bound gravel, rolled aggregates, poured or precast concrete, block paving, cobblestones and more.


Metal edging is 4-5 times faster to install than concrete kerbing, as it doesn’t require a stable concrete base or haunching to be laid and allowed to set before the next stage in the installation process can begin. Securely fixed in place with metal stakes, it is immediately ready for backfilling and surfacing as soon as it has been installed.

It is also considerably lighter than concrete. This means it can be delivered to the site on smaller vehicles and easily moved around the site as required. Manual handling and laying are easily managed by one person.

Precisely engineered and with discreet interlocking connectors, ExcelEdge products easily and quickly create seamless edges.

Steel and aluminium are the preferred edging materials for resin-bound driveways as they are more discreet than concrete kerbing and allow contrasting colours to be laid next to each other with an almost invisible border between them.


Driveway Edging Products

Bison CGI

Heavy-duty Steel Kerb


Perfect for
  • Service Roads
  • Pavements
  • Pathways
  • Other building developments


The strength and durability of this premium quality heavy-duty steel kerb have made it a popular alternative to traditional concrete edging for civil engineering projects. Despite its rigidity, Bison can still be flexed to follow curves.

Supplied in a galvanised finish for corrosion resistance, Bison features a 7mm thick rolled top edge for safety and is manufactured in three heights (75mm, 100mm and 150mm).

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AluExcel CGI

Aluminium Landscape Edging


From £26.78 per length Perfect for
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Asphalt and tarmac
  • Wet-pour rubber and other safety surfacing
  • Resin bound gravel
  • Imprinted and plain concrete


Suitable for lighter-duty flush fitting with surfaces such as asphalt, tarmac, rubber modified asphalt, resin-bound aggregate and block paving, AluExcel offers the added corrosion resistance of aluminium so this product is recommended for use in coastal areas.

AluExcel is manufactured in six thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 8.5mm and ten heights ranging from 15mm to 150mm and is supplied in a natural mill finish as standard.

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urban CGI

Steel Landscape Edging


Perfect for
  • Imprinted and plain concrete
  • Tarmac and hot-lay surfaces
  • Resin bound and loose gravels
  • Soft landscapes
  • Blocks and pavers


This steel edging is the perfect product for special driveways, as it offers a range of bespoke options. For a start, it is available in several finishes –galvanised or weathering steel (CorTen, or our more cost-effective alternative), or powder coated to any RAL colour.

Weathering steel is a particularly popular option due to the natural patina of oxidisation that forms on its surface over time. A natural barrier to corrosion, this also helps the product blend in with the earthy colours of mulch, soil and plants.

Urban can also be manufactured to bespoke heights and thicknesses and pre-formed during manufacture to create bespoke shapes for great visual effect or to accommodate landscaping and other features.

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