Published: April, 2019

Make the most of summer

As summer approaches and the evenings grow long, we're all keen to make the most of whatever outdoor areas we have. There aren't many better ways to enjoy the warmer months than relaxing on stylish, contemporary decking in a newly-created pleasure zone, set in the heart of a flourishing garden or some glamorous rooftop bar.

The beauty of decking is that it offers a wide range of options for even the most discerning of clients, and their designers. Manufacturers have grown increasingly innovative over the past 20 or so years as decking has proved more and more popular, and become easier and easier to install.

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to find deluxe decking with a boldly colourful perimeter-hugging trim. Split decks, with multiple levels, are also proving a big hit, some of them boasting glass balustrades and mood lighting that can complement a garden beautifully. All the more so if you install a few planters across the decked area and fill them with your favourite greenery.

There are even decked terraces today that are carpeted with artificial grass, complete with drainage options and water attenuation for optimum sustainability.

And did we mention they’re easy to install?

Thought so, but it’s worth mentioning again in the light of a clever new decking device Kinley have just produced that now makes laying down decking easier than it’s ever been before.

Our skilled craftspeople have devised a truly innovative rigid aluminium joist that can accommodate any screw-fixed timber decking – from any supplier.


The beauty of the new joist is that it significantly reduces the number of pedestals required as it’s designed to handle an unsupported span of up to 1500mm. This reach enormously simplifies the installation of complex paving designs, and liberates designers by providing endless creative opportunities.

By using Raaft joints and adjustable pedestals, the framework is quickly set out and easily levelled so the final surfaces can be rapidly installed. The strength of the joints make for massively increased stability.

Naturally, it all integrates seamlessly with Kinley’s existing Raaft terrace support system including our pedestals and RoofTrays as well as our full range of stylish steel planters. It’s worth mentioning too that all our bespoke planters and indeed our benches can take advantage of the new LED lighting range created last year. It lets you light up the plants from inside the planter – ideal for creating a very different mood at night.

All in all, the flexibility of the aluminium support joist really will open up new vistas. In fact, the benefits of this rather impressive development suggest to us that pedestal-only installations will soon become just a thing of the past.

As you’d expect from Kinley, the new joist’s sustainability credentials are strong – it’s made from 80% recycled aluminium and is 100% recyclable. It’s also extremely resistant to corrosion and comes in two styles – powder-coated in brown (RAL 8028) or in a milled aluminium finish.

Find out more about our Aluminim Support Joist for Decking

Kinley is happy to discuss with you how to make the most of any decking project you’d like to create. And we can work with you throughout any project’s lifecycle from design to completion.

Do get in touch and ask for a free project consultation or CPD workshop to find out how we can help you can create fabulous decking designs.

Kinley provides innovative and superior quality products to create inspiring gardens and outdoor places people enjoy.

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