Published: December, 2014

Why a Career in Landscape Architecture Has Never Been So Appealing

But expansion of the landscape industry and strong employment levels and prospects are making it more appealing than ever before. As well as this, salaries across the landscape architecture industry are very good, especially for individuals who progress their career to acquire chartered landscape architect status, in which case, can easily expect to earn well over £40,000 per annum.

The number of students graduating with degrees in architecture far outweighs industry demand, but the same cannot be said for landscape architecture. A survey commissioned by the Landscape Institute found that, of 869 responses gathered this year, a positive picture of the industry is painted. With employment levels in full-time roles being high and unemployment at a three year low, there are indications of growth in the size of teams, departments and practices too.

The survey found that, as well as more and more people not being in stable employment across the landscaping industry, registered practice landscaping professionals are most likely to have enjoyed a pay rise in the last year, with two out of three employees at a Landscape Institute registered practice reporting a pay rise. As already mentioned, salary prospects are rosy too, with the usual salary for chartered landscape architects ranges between £30,000 and £40,000. However, for professionals who have not achieved chartered status, salaries tend to range from around £20,000 to £29,999, with 75.7 per cent of this group falling into this salary band. Not as good, but by no means poorly paid.

The report also found that respondents largely reported that for the first time in three years they’d experienced growth. However, half of those working in the public sector did report seeing their team, department or practices decrease in size over the last year.

Unfortunately, there does seem to be somewhat of a gender imbalance with regards to pay rates. Male landscape architects are more likely to earn higher salaries than their female counterparts, with half of male landscape professionals earning £40,000 plus, compared to one half of their female equivalents falling into the £30,000 to £40,000 salary bracket.

Advancements in landscaping products also make a career in landscape architecture appealing too. Wood polymer non-slip composite decking enables the design of aesthetic, hard-wearing timber effect outside areas, including rooftop gardens and balconies. Aluminium edging products help landscape architects create sharp edges throughout their designs, and Corten steel planters and tree planters bring unlimited greenery to almost any design and installation setting.

As building and development seems to be picking up pace across the UK, and with a number of innovative, high profile landscaping developments coming to light over the past year, pursuing a career in landscape architecture is an exciting and worthwhile consideration.


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