Published: December, 2020

Why has Kinley Opened an Innovation Centre?

When we think of innovation, we think of what is new or transformative. When Kinley Systems, a company specialising in landscape edging and roof terrace systems, acquired their Innovation Centre, what was the purpose of such a decision, and what does this mean to you, our customer?

According to Oxford Languages as searched on Google, the word, ‘innovation’ is defined as:

innovation (noun)

1.    the action or process of innovating.
"Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization" a new method, idea, product, etc.
plural noun: innovations "technological innovations designed to save energy"

One of Kinley's core values is ‘Innovation’, a word that has become somewhat overused but since Kinley was established in March 2008, specific aspects of the landscape industry have led us on a journey of discovery and growth. 

A process of transformation by being focussed on developing cutting edge products and systems for the landscape industry, with the theme of ‘making it easy to create amazing outdoor spaces’, from lawn and landscape edging, through to the best possible integrated system for the construction of terraces, especially those situated first floor and above.


A long time ago, a builder once said, “I just can’t stand hassle!”.  This has become a bit of a mantra within the team, so our aim from the start has been to make your job easy. ExcelEdge and the Kinley Raaft Roof Terrace System should always be quick to specify and fast to install, using a standard system with bespoke accessories for the overall bespoke look.

So, why should innovation benefit our customers?

Unless we continue to improve our products and processes, we would very quickly become extinct in our marketplace, and the inability to react to trends within the landscape industry led us to open the Kinley Innovation Centre, as a place where we could manufacture our products, and take product development to the next level, with experience and expertise at our fingertips.

Understanding metal better, having more control and the ability to make things happen, and happen fast, was the way forward for us, and since August 2019, we have not looked back.  This has led to our products being made more efficiently, more economically, using less energy, more quickly and with a higher level of safety for our staff.  As we continue to evolve, we aim to drive down lead times on both standard and bespoke products, by focussing on what we do and accelerating innovation in every way.

With our drafting team of four, we can develop ideas from the initial concept to finished article for delivery to site, in a way that reduces the amount of welding required and incorporating features to make the life of the contractor easier. 

With the demand for bespoke planters and other metal landscape products rising, and the increasing difficulty to remain competitive in times of economic constraint, something had to be done. However, by enabling people to share their ideas, coaching for an open mind, and a mindset for success, in the Innovation Centre, we are breeding a culture of innovation, by definition!

Many projects within this facility are confidential for obvious reasons, as new problem-solving solutions and ideas for roof terraces, parklets, cycle parking and of course landscape edging of all types are being worked on, some of which can be shared by a special arrangement under a non-disclosure agreement.

Kinley will be hosting innovation events at their offices, with a visit to the Innovation Centre to understand our work here.  Have an opportunity to speak to the designers of Kinley’s innovative range of products, and learn how we are having to adapt in an environment that is forcing change upon us with astonishing rapidity, by emailing [email protected], today, to reserve your place when the Kinley Innovation Centre will be opening its doors to its stakeholders such as you, for the first time, and find out for yourself what makes us tick!

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