Introducing Raaft

We enable design creativity, and reduce risk, through providing a complete, customisable roof terrace fit-out system, engineered to work together, and last for a lifetime.

Our Mission is to enable outstanding terraces through creative, versatile systems.

Commercial and residential property developers and architects have realised the value of roof terraces in high-density urban areas. Flat roof spaces that would otherwise be unusable can be transformed into versatile outdoor environments with a wide range of uses including:

  • Alfresco dining for hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Relaxation for employees or residents in a secluded, natural environment
  • Re-greening and creating habitats and corridors for wildlife

The Raaft innovative system combines height adjustable steel pedestals with aluminium support joists that work seamlessly with our new, high performance porcelain decking.   The ultimate non-combustible solution to your design challenges and meets all UK building regulations and fire safety reviews.

We value what our customers say, so Raaft has been developed following your feedback and desire to build safe, compliant and beautiful outdoor roof terraces.   This new system combines non-combustibility and durability, all with the reassurance and quality that you can expect from the Kinley brand.

The Raaft terrace system comprises of recyclable products that are engineered to work together so you can build what’s right for your space. From a class A fire rated sturdy base to the perfect decking, tile combination and finishing with fabulous planters brimming with natural beauty.

Raaft Planters


Made from steel, with a choice of standard and bespoke options, Raaft planters are a robust solution for modern roof terraces, podiums, public areas and private gardens.

View planters
Raaft Decking


Fire, wind, and slip resistant extruded porcelain decking boards available in various colours.

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Raaft Joists


Aluminium substructure joists provide a platform for decking, paving and other surfaces. Comes in 30mm and 50mm.

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Raaft Pedestals

Adjustable Pedestals

The robust Raaft steel pedestals are simple to install and will provide the ideal support for the Preventa Class A Fire-Rated modular terrace system.

View adjustable pedestals

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