How do I add more colour to my garden? Here are the top 5 ways that garden gurus are talking about.

It’s a great question which many people ask from the DIY garden enthusiasts to the busy commuter. Let’s take a look at how some people suggest ways of making your garden look livelier!

1. Free-standing pots can come in every colour under the sun. Mixing these up in different shades and different sizes can add some striking colour to a garden whatever the size.


2. Metal garden edging winding around your lawn and flower beds – it comes in silver, brown, black and the favourite orange rusted CorTen finish as standard but have you thought about getting it pre-painted in a vibrant fuchsia-pink or day-glow orange to really create some year-round impact? Contact our customer service team to find out more information on the powder coating options available. 


3. Mix up the shrubs you have and look for the flowering variety, these are the low-maintenance colour boosters that provide season interest.


4. Four-seasons flowers are tricky to do but there are so many helpful providers of flowers these days that finding a selection of flowers to ensure there is always some activity in the borders and flower beds is not as difficult as it used to be.


5. Paint up your garden furniture and fences and maybe even upcycle something that you were going to throw away, like and old wooden pallet, and turn it unto something of interest with paint and plants!


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