Bison Steel Kerbing - Fast to Lay & Built to Last

Concrete is the most widely used material used for pin kerbing, but with the introduction of innovative Bison heavy-duty galvanised steel kerbing, UK landscaping products designer and manufacturer ExcelEdge offers an alternative that is both faster (and therefore cheaper) to lay and more resistant to wear and damage.

Even in expert hands, the laying of concrete kerbing is an unavoidably protracted process. A suitable base must first be poured and allowed to cure before the concrete kerbing is laid and haunched. Both processes require concrete to be either delivered as premixed or mixed on-site; either way, this increases the installation time. The concrete haunching must then be allowed to cure and harden before hard or soft landscaping aggregates can be backfilled. The sheer weight of the kerbing and concrete used to install it mean that transportation to the site and handling also add to the installation time.

The Bison system uses interlocking lengths of folded steel to create an equally robust and stable kerb edge at a fraction of the weight of concrete. This makes transportation and handling so much faster as fewer truckloads are required for large-volume delivery and handling is a one-man operation. Installation is also faster as Bison steel kerbing is held securely in place with fastening spikes driven into any stable ground - no concrete base and no haunching required. As soon as the steel kerbing has been laid, hard and soft aggregates can be backfilled and the job is complete.

So how much quicker is it to lay Bison kerbing?

Studies have found it is three time faster to install compared to concrete edging!

But speed isn’t everything, and Bison has so much more to offer. Take curves, for example. For concrete kerbing to follow an irregular curve, short sections must be measured and cut, resulting in multiple joints around the curve. Bison kerb can be shaped during manufacture or even on-site to create precise even, unbroken edges.


The durable, galvanised finish of Bison steel kerbing also means it is longer lasting than concrete, which is prone to damage and cracking due to impact and frost.


Let’s hear what one satisfied customer has to say about Bison steel edging. Del Whitlam, Public Liaison Officer for Marlborough Highways is full of praise, saying that the end result confirmed their initial optimism about using Bison.

“All the operatives found the installation process extremely easy to pick up,” Del remarked.

“Bison Edging is so much simpler to install than any other material currently in use.” He also commented favourably on how much more precisely Bison could be laid than concrete.


For more information and to talk through using Bison as an alternative to concrete on your next project, contact the customer support team at Kinley.