Based on its highly successful AluExcel aluminium edging, a new variation has been carefully designed and manufactured by Kinley.

Apex is 225mm high, which is deep enough to create stunning-looking planters.

Good looks, great durability

The natural milled finish of Apex brings a calm, sophisticated look to private or public landscaping projects, including gardens, borders, courtyards, plazas and roof terraces. A bronze-effect finish is also available on request if a warmer look is required.

But the beauty of Apex is more than skin deep. Its 3mm thick extruded aluminium construction makes it extremely durable and low-maintenance, with no corrosion or ageing paint to worry about as time goes by.


In-stock savings over other planter products

Low-level steel planters are already an option, but these tend to be bespoke made so delivery can be delayed and the product relatively expensive. With Apex manufactured in a single off-the-shelf size, it’s available for immediate despatch and more cost-effective.

Easy to cut and assemble on-site, Apex can also be transported, carried and installed more easily than pre-assembled steel planters, resulting in further time and cost savings.

Easy to assemble and install

Like standard AluExcel, the new planter product is designed for easy on-site installation. It can be easily cut with an angle grinder or hacksaw and clips seamlessly together to make an uninterrupted border. Pre-formed internal and external angles make corners a breeze.

The preferred foundation for Apex is existing concrete a concrete race, using concrete fixings to hold the planter edging securely into position. Its pre-drilled holes also make it possible for AluExcel 225 to be laid on compacted Type 1 hardcore or secured to the frame of a roof terrace system.

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