As global geopolitics undergo a seismic shift away from major manufacturing nations in the East, we are witnessing a revival in the UK manufacturing sector. UK manufacturing has languished for several years in the face of cut-price competition from overseas but is now an increasingly attractive option. So what are the benefits?


UK manufacturing is better for the environment

While globalisation has greatly reduced the cost of manufactured goods, the additional transportation and logistics have incurred an enormous environmental cost. With businesses now being held to account by stakeholders for their environmental responsibility, the carbon footprint created by international shipping is no longer acceptable or sustainable.

UK manufacturers are also subjected to more stringent environmental regulations covering energy efficiency, sustainability, emissions, etc., which makes it much easier for their customers to monitor and record their environmental impact.

This is certainly the case in the construction and landscaping sector. The built environment is one area that has come under particular scrutiny for its carbon reduction and use of sustainable materials.

At Kinley, we are committed to creating products that offer long-term environmental sustainability through the use of long-lasting recycled, recyclable materials.


UK manufacturing standards are higher

The regulations imposed on UK manufacturers are higher than those in many manufacturing countries. These regulations are widespread, covering everything from product quality, reliability and durability to workplace safety and workforce welfare.

Buying products manufactured in the UK carries the added assurance that the product will consistently meet quality controls and that workers are not being exploited.

A further advantage of buying from UK manufacturers is that as the products are transported over a considerably shorter distance from the factory to the customer, and are not subjected to air or sea freight, there is a lower chance of their being damaged in transit.

Landscaping products are generally expected to withstand a wide variation in weather conditions over an extended time. Quality and durability are therefore essential.

All Kinley products are made from high-grade aluminium and steel and to precise manufacturing and quality control standards.

UK manufacturing is more versatile

While large manufacturing nations have succeeded by copying product designs and using mass production and cheap labour to seize market share, the UK has always been a nation of innovators.

Having a manufacturer ‘on the doorstep’ is a significant advantage to many UK customers, particularly where products are bespoke made or in the early design iterations of a new launch. Being able to communicate rapidly with the design and manufacturing teams reduces or eliminates production delays.

Architecture and landscape design are demanding more of the products they specify, constantly looking for products that over new design opportunities or improved performance. With our combined UK design and manufacturing facilities, we at Kinley are continually innovating new products, listening to and liaising with our customers to create exciting new and bespoke landscaping products.

UK manufacturing offers faster delivery

Sourcing from overseas inevitably adds time delays to the supply chain. ‘Time on the water’, waiting for import documents and for customs to release consignments are just some of the reasons why UK manufacturing can be a faster option.

At Kinley, we carry good stocks of standard products for immediate despatch. Even when bespoke products are required, our in-house design and manufacturing facilities ensure that lead times are kept to a minimum.


UK manufacturing offers better aftersales support

No product or manufacturer is perfect and there will inevitably be times when a product fails to perform properly or live up to its expectations. UK manufacturers are geographically better placed to promptly address problems.

The Kinley customer service team is passionate about delivering the very best customer care, and with the support of the technical team will quickly resolve any issues or concerns that may arise.

UK manufacturing is better for your brand

‘Made in Britain’ is a powerful incentive for consumers who want to buy quality products ethically and sustainably. If you are selling or using products that are manufactured in the UK, you will be strengthening your brand among your customers.

The Kinley brand is well-known and established as a UK designer and manufacturer of aluminium and steel landscape edging. Specifying and installing Kinley edging is a certain way of demonstrating that you are proudly and confidently buying British.

If you would like to find out more about UK-manufactured aluminium and steel landscape edging, call Kinley on 01580 830688 or email