Biodiversity is known to have positive impacts on human health and wellbeing

This was highlighted during the pandemic where access to nature significantly contributed to healing. Study shows that daily human interaction with nature has a remarkable array of physical and mental health benefits. Therefore, the importance of a biodiverse environment cannot be overemphasized as quality of interactions with nature is directly proportional to the quality of life. Another noteworthy impact of biodiversity is that it helps reduce the risk of flood and contribute to the reduction of climate change through nature in cities.


One of the major reasons biodiversity is not prevalent in urban developments is because we do not allow it flourish. By creating biodiverse habitats alongside the environment of concrete and glass, we can help restore lost ecosystems to developed urban areas. Urbanisation in our cities have led to near-permanent alteration of land use which eliminates the locally dominant natural ecosystems. Biodiversity is crucial to the sustainable functioning of natural ecosystems which humans depend on.


Carbon reduction

Biodiversity promotes sequestration to produce as much carbon per unit area as a tropical rainforest which could substantially contribute to a climate change solution.

How can Kinley help?

With Kinley's comprehensive range of ethically sourced metal edging, you can create beautiful landscapes that encourage biodiversity in our cities in an orderly way in line with urban planning. Kinley is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of steel and aluminium landscape edging products, that caters for everyone from the DIY garden enthusiast to professional gardeners and commercial landscaping contractors. We have a wide variety of standard and custom finishes available. 


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