The prestigious Spring Festival at RHS Malvern 5-8th May truly was an event not to be missed. From Platinum Jubilee to Vitamin G gardens, the festival celebrated some of the biggest names in landscaping and inspired everyone from royalty to homeowners

With a focus on sustainability, RHS Malvern was a festival concerned not only with style, but with sustainability and reducing environmental impact. With 100% recyclable products, made using recycled materials wherever possible, Kinley’s sustainable edging was able to meet the RHS Malvern vision through involvement in the Vitamin G Garden. This design incorporated relaxation areas with a meditation platform, with social areas in the circular lawn – edged with Kinley’s steel Borderline.


Kinley’s involvement

Kinley was honoured to work with professional landscape company Landform Consultants. Landform landscape designer Alan Williams, a key innovator of the Vitamin G Garden, alongside BBC Radio 2 Presenter Jo Whiley and Landscapia worked together to create the stunning Vitamin G Garden. This was a synthesis of mental welfare and gardening expertise, a garden that shared the Kinley passion to provide maximum style at minimum maintenance and environmental impact. 


Offering flexibility, a wide range of finishes and saving hours of maintenance, Kinley edging truly is the edging of this century. Perfect for driveways, fine lawns, and garden borders, it delivers style with a range of brown, galvanised or untreated steel finishes - without compromising durability. Ideal for the curved landscape designs of this project, Borderline was the optimum solution.


Read more about Alan Williams design for the Vitamin G Garden design here.