Endeavour School is a recent development in Andover, Hampshire, UK. The unique shapes designed by the architect were achieved by utilising the pre-forming service offered by Kinley systems on our ExcelEdge range. The CorTen steel provides a durable and pleasing finish. The AluExcel aluminium edging was used to create a clean and crisp edge to the outer edge of the rubber play surfacing.


ExcelEdge has supplied aluminium AluExcel landscape edging and pre-formed its Urban CorTen steel landscape edging to provide bespoke profiles between paving, synthetic turf, planting and play areas at the new Endeavour Primary School development in Andover, Hampshire.

The architects at Hampshire County Council had designed an intricate landscape tableau that could only be achieved by utilising the pre-forming service offered by Kinley Systems on its Exceledge range. Using Urban ensured that the creative outlines required could be easily installed as well as providing a distinctive and durable CorTen steel finish.

“Urban provided the perfect solution for producing the raised CorTen edgings required for the school’s courtyard. Kinley System’s technical back-up, fabrication quality and accuracy were all exemplary, making a difficult design achievable without fuss or delay.”

Colin Lord, Senior Landscape Architect at Hampshire County Council


Fabricating and pre-forming Urban off-site made installation by contactors Aeropark Developments quick and straightforward. Buyer, Bob Cropper, said: “From the very first contact I found Kinley Systems to be extremely helpful and efficient. The Urban CorTen edging was quite complex in design but installation on site could not have been easier as each section was colour coded and numbered.”

Exceledge Urban steel landscape edging is a heavy duty, premium product, perfect for prestigious projects requiring maximum strength and durability. Making a clear definition of surface materials and preventing migration of gravel and soil,Urban will stay in place and serve its purpose for decades, saving many hours of maintenance.


Exceledge AluExcel aluminium profiles were additionally used to produce a clean and crisp delineation to the outer edge of the rubber play surfacing, creating a safe environment in which Endeavour School’s 200 pupils can learn and have fun.

Colin Lord added: “AluExcel was chosen to provide the only cost effective, quick and invisible junction between the highly complex paving outline and the artificial grass edge adjacent to it. Setting up this curved outline with AluExcel proved ideal for making the fine adjustments necessary. Aeropark Developments worked with me to make the best use of this flexible, easy to install product.”

AluExcel aluminium landscape profiles provides the ultimate commercial edging solution for hard surfaces, whether it be asphalt, resin bonded or loose gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slabs.  Aluminium is tough, lightweight, flexible and 100% recyclable, making it a popular choice with specifiers and contractors alike.

Project partners

Landscape Architect: Hampshire County Council

Contractor: Aeropark Developments

Products Used

ExcelEdge Urban