Situated on the edge of a historic Northamptonshire market town, the Furlongs offers a choice of newly built two, three and four-bedroom homes with both beautiful countryside and excellent road connections nearby.

With approximately three kilometres of boundary footway to be laid across the site, installers Hudmac Surfacing wanted an edging product that is quick and easy to install, but at the same time more durable than timber and less prone to cracking than concrete.

The choice of Bison heavy duty steel kerb proved popular with the Hudmac team from the beginning. For a start, although it is stronger than concrete it weighs considerably less. This means it can be brought to site in larger quantities and on lighter capacity vehicles, while turning manual handling and installation into a safe, fast, one-man operation.

Once installed, the Bison edging was immediately ready for the tarmac to be laid without waiting for haunching to cure, as is the case with concrete edging.

Laying the tarmac was also faster and easier with Bison kerbs: because of its strength and resilience, Hudmac were able to use rollers and whacker plates right up to the edging without fear of damaging it, and without movement due to the sturdy spikes holding it in position.

This was the first time Nathan Rudd of Hudmac had used Bison edging, but he was more than impressed with the time saved both installing the edging and laying the tarmac, and with how much easier Bison is to use. His initial concerns about the thinness of Bison edging were quickly dispelled when he saw how strong it actually is, and how well it performed.

He also commented that once the footway perimeters had been backfilled and laid to grass, the steel edging would be almost invisible. With so much to offer, Bison edging now has a new and enthusiastic convert.