Creating well-defined walkways in your outdoor spaces not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your property but also serves functional purposes. Walkways provide a clear and safe route for foot traffic, preventing soil erosion, and maintaining the integrity of your outdoor space. While there are various materials available for path edging, metal path edging stands out as an excellent choice for both its durability and aesthetic appeal.

In this blog, we explore why metal path edging is the ideal solution for creating functional and stunning walkways. 

What are the different types of walkways?

Before we take a look at the benefits of metal path edging, it’s important to understand the different types of walkway options available. Whilst all can be paired with metal path edging, each have their own distinct attributes, catering to different preferences and requirements. 

1.  Gravel or resin

A popular way to surface a driveway, patio or pathway is to use resin bound or resin bonded gravel. Resin bound gravel is made by mixing resin adhesive with aggregates and then trowelling it on the surface. You can choose from many colours to match your garden and its surroundings. The only drawback of resin bound gravel is that it can be costly, particularly for larger areas.

gravel/ resin pathway edging

2.  Paved pathways

Paving slabs are often used to create pathways, which come in many forms and styles. You can choose from different materials, colours, shapes, and sizes to match any garden’s look. Some of the materials include concrete, slate, porcelain, sandstone, or limestone. Paved pathways exude a polished look and contribute to the charm of many outdoors spaces. 

3.  Artificial grass

Artificial grass has evolved considerably in terms of realism, thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing techniques. It's a valuable choice for garden pathways that witness frequent foot traffic, as its durability surpasses that of natural grass. Its consistent green and lush appearance is maintained without the need for direct sunlight, making it ideal for spaces that suffer from a lack of natural light.

4.  Bark Chippings

If you want a pathway that looks soft and natural, you can use bark chippings. They are easy to install and very affordable. The only problem with bark chippings is that they can disperse a lot with frequent foot traffic.

Having said that, metal path edging can be used to create a clear boundary that minimises the migration of bark chippings beyond the designated path area. This containment helps to keep your walkway well-defined and maintain its intended design.

5.  Concrete

Concrete remains a budget-friendly choice for creating walkways. The versatility of concrete lies in its potential for customisation through the incorporation of various colours and patterns. Stencils can be used to emulate the appearance of slabs, pavers, or bricks, enhancing visual interest. It's worth noting, however, that concrete pathways may exhibit signs of wear and tear over time, including the development of cracks. While repairs can be executed, they might result in an uneven aesthetic.

What is the best edging for loose aggregates? 

Gravel is the most widely used loose aggregate for pathways. However, granite, marble and other stones are gaining in popularity as decorative finishes. Loose aggregates are relatively inexpensive and easy to lay, but choosing the right edging product will help to ensure your walkway will still look good for many years to come.  

One problem with loose aggregates is that they always remain loose. Heavy rainfall, ground movement and vehicle or foot traffic will cause the gravel or chippings to shift, pressing against the edging and spreading onto surrounding areas. However, this can be minimised with a strong, stable metal edging product. 

Aluminium or steel edging are excellent choices for all types of walkways. To act as a further deterrent to straying gravel, you can set them a couple of inches higher than the surface and make a feature of the exposed face. If you don’t want the look of untreated aluminium or steel you can choose from galvanised steel, Corten weathering steel, and powder-coated aluminium or steel matched to any standard RAL colour reference. 

Decorative pavers or paving slabs could also be used as a barrier between the path or driveway and the soft landscaping where space allows. This would provide a reasonably wide barrier between the path or driveway and the soft landscaping. Any stray gravel or chippings can then be easily swept back into place. 

why is metal edging best for pathways?

What are the benefits of metal path edging?  

  • Low maintenance- Metal edging can prevent grass and soil from encroaching on walkways or pathways and keeps them neat and tidy. In addition, metal edging provides bordering which helps pathways retain gravel and prevent weed growth spreading so easily. This reduces the time and effort required for trimming and upkeep of walkways. 
  • Adds style- Metal path edging comes in various styles, colours, and finishes to suit your taste and budget. Whether you want a sleek and modern look or a rustic and natural feel, you can find the perfect metal path edging to define your walkways. 
  • Durable solution- Metal edging will determine and maintain the width of your walkways. For garden edging in challenging environments, steel is an ideal metal that is strong and long-lasting. It has great strength and can resist heavy impacts, making it ideal for areas that are exposed to foot traffic or lawn maintenance equipment.
  • Ease of installation- Metal path edging is easy to install with minimal tools and skills. It can be cut to fit your walkway dimensions and secured with stakes or pins. It does not require cementing, or gluing.  

Metal path edging from Kinley 

You can shape your garden easily and effectively by edging the walkways and pathways of your outdoor space. This is a straightforward and highly beneficial task that can greatly change the appearance of your home. Weather you are looking to create borders for visual reasons, or would simply like to maintain a neat, professional finish, metal path edging is a perfect solution.

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