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Aluminium Edging Installation

Aluminium edging is a versatile solution that provides a sleek and durable border for numerous applications. Aluminium edging is not only lightweight but corrosion resistant resulting in a product that enhances the overall appearance of gardens and landscapes.

Installing aluminium edging is super easy due to its lightweight nature and flexibility, allowing for effortless handling and customisation. The material's malleability makes it easy to navigate corners and curves, ensuring a seamless fit for various landscaping designs.

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aluminium edging installation


Resistant to corrosion and weathering, aluminium edging maintains its structural integrity over time, ensuring a long-lasting solution for landscaping borders.


Suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects, aluminium edging is adaptable to curves and straight lines, providing flexibility in design and accommodating various garden layouts.

Aluminium Edging Applications

  • Garden Borders
  • Pathway Edging 
  • Driveway and Parking Edging 
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Roof Garden and Terraces
  • Lawn and Turf Edging
  • Three and Shrub Rings
  • Raised Bed Edging
  • Retaining Walls 
aluminium edging

Aluminium Edging Products


Aluminium Edging for Resin Surfacing


From £14.16 per length Perfect for
  • Resinbound pathways
  • Resin driveways
  • Recreational areas


ResinEdge is a robust edge restraint designed specifically for resin-bound paths and driveways, providing a durable and inconspicuous border with contrasting colours for visually striking effects.

Developed exclusively for hard landscape edging, ResinEdge offers a stable fixture with a smooth profile, available in flexible and rigid options that easily combine to create seamless joints for a variety of design possibilities.

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NEW 225mm Aluminium Planter Edge


Perfect for
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Asphalt and tarmac
  • Wet-pour rubber safety surfacing
  • Resin-bound gravel
  • Roof terraces


Apex offers an affordable and readily available alternative to customised low planter systems, utilising high-grade, durable aluminium that is 3mm thick for robustness.

With a sleek natural milled finish or an optional anodic bronze-effect, Apex stands at 225mm, providing easy installation and versatility for creating clear steps around planted areas in both soft and hard landscaping projects.

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AluExcel CGI

Aluminium Landscape Edging


From £26.78 per length Perfect for
  • Blocks and pavers
  • Asphalt and tarmac
  • Wet-pour rubber and other safety surfacing
  • Resin bound gravel
  • Imprinted and plain concrete


Our highly popular edging product stands out with its unbeatable combination of durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, thanks to its construction from the highest-grade durable aluminium (6005A) and a variety of finishes, including trendy options like rose gold and anthracite.

With a wide range of heights available, AluExcel offers a versatile and rust-resistant solution that is easy to install, allowing individuals to achieve a professional and visually appealing garden without the need for professional landscaping services.

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Aluminium Garden Lawn Edging

Aluminium Garden Lawn Edging


Perfect for
  • Fine Lawns
  • Garden & planting borders
  • Flower Gardens
  • Gravel garden paths
  • Bark areas
  • Loose gravel


AllEdge, crafted from premium aluminium, offers a contemporary and sleek solution for achieving a professionally manicured garden.

With concealed fixings and an innovative locking mechanism, AllEdge provides both strength and flexibility, ensuring easy self-installation and long-lasting durability.

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Aluminium Edging in Action

aluminium landscape edging
aluminium garden edging
aluminium edging
aluminium border edging

Aluminium Edging FAQs

Is aluminium edging worth it?

Overall, aluminium landscape edging is one of the greatest materials for edging lawns, gardens, and other landscape features, if not the very best material. Aluminium outlasts steel, wood, stone, brick, pavers, and plastic and is quick to install.

How long does aluminium edging last?

The lifespan of aluminium edging can vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the material, environmental conditions, and the level of maintenance. Generally, high-quality aluminium edging that is properly installed and maintained can last for decades.

Can you bend aluminium edging?

Yes, aluminium edging is known for its flexibility and ease of manipulation, allowing it to be bent to create curves or other desired shapes. This flexibility makes it a versatile choice for landscaping projects where curved or irregular boundaries are needed.

What are the benefits of aluminium edging?

Aluminium edging is lightweight, forms easily, and can be cut to length with minimal effort on the job site, lowering installation costs and allowing budgets to be met. Aluminium edging will never rust, crack, rot, or stiffen. Aluminium edging is eco-friendly and created from recyclable materials.

Is aluminium safe for garden?

Yes, aluminium is generally considered safe for use in gardens. Aluminium is a non-toxic metal, and it does not pose a significant risk to plants, soil, or the environment. Many gardeners use aluminium products, such as aluminium edging, containers, or tools, without adverse effects on their plants.