Published: November, 2020

How to choose the right wood for your design project

We are always asked for the best possible price when quoting for wood products for landscaping projects

We are always asked for the best possible price when quoting for wood products for landscaping projects. As a result, we’re constantly working with our suppliers to give you the best quality and value, but sometimes when we’re pulling together a quote it’s tricky to show you exactly what is included.

This handy factsheet gives you an insight into how we carefully select and cost the right timber for your project and deliver you a perfectly finished product for installation.

1.    No cheap imitations please.

Hardwood trees produce strong, hardwearing wood which is ideal for furniture, decking and other structures that are built to last.  The density and porosity of the timber will dictate its longevity and which products it is ideal for.

Our products are only made from components from premium grade kiln dried timber which is sanded on each face, and arised on all edges and corners before receiving two coats of Owatrol deck oil.   All wood, hard or soft will require maintenance.  This layer of protection comes as standard on all Kinley products and provides a solid starting place in protecting the timber through its lifespan.

With a huge black-market trade affecting quality and sustainability of timber, we follow the strictest processes to ensure the integrity of our supply chain. You ask for a particular wood, we quote for this and we deliver on our promise. This means no cheap imitations or timber from unethical sources.

Our most requested timber variety is Iroko, which is a versatile and beautiful quality hardwood. However, we also routinely research and recommend equivalent quality wood options based on sustainability, look, finish and costs.

Ask us which timbers are suitable for your project.


2.    Always maintain an ethical supply chain

We pick suppliers from source to joinery who can prove the wood’s providence – every single one can provide the official FSC stamp for maintaining the chain of custody.

We know that at no point has our product been part of the black-market which ensures we are supporting the economy, people and environment of source countries and managing the quality at every step.

When asking for a quote from your supplier, ask to see the FSC stamp throughout their supply chain.


3.    Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility

Nature produces the quality wood that is essential in making our benches, so it is important that we protect it through sustainable forestry. As well as working with sustainable varieties of timber from managed woods, we continue to research new species and more sustainable practices and always strive to do things better.

Sustainability is not just about the materials we work with, but also our carbon footprint and the whole supply chain.

Our products are not shipped unnecessarily around the world for manufacturing when a quality, professional local supplier can be used. We have excellent local suppliers close to our Innovation Centre in East Sussex and we support them where possible. As well as strengthening the local economy, we can also easily maintain contact to build our relationship and ensure quality and providence.  

When you procure your landscape products from us, you can reassure your client that you are supporting environmentally sustainable practices.


4.    Creating a quality finish, every time

We only work with professional joiners, who have crafted their skill and can easily create the standard and bespoke shapes and corners for benches and other wood products to perfectly fit a specific space. This means that our products are always finished to the highest standard. Kinley works to ISO 9001 for quality standards and we expect our suppliers to meet the same high grade.

Ask us about our value options that may assist your project.


5.    How do we cost our products?

Costs for each project are based on the market price of timber. The cost of high quality, genuine, beautiful, sustainable, ethically sourced hardwood has been increasing in recent years due to supply outstripping demand and due to weakening exchange rates compared to the US dollar and Euro. While this does make it harder to make cost savings, we always work with you and our suppliers to identify the best way to cost a project.

In our experience, cheaper options can be substandard and means we are not able to give our clients the quality, robust, long lasting products we have promised them. At Kinley, we prefer not to compromise the quality, value for money, peace of mind of our products by using lower quality or unsustainable timber.

If you are working on a particularly large project, speak to us about options for sourcing all your wood products at once.


Next steps…

We can always do better. Innovation is the key and is at the heart of everything we do at Kinley.

Hardwood takes longer to grow than softwood and therefore finding new sustainable sources is always at the forefront of mind.  It should also be stressed that the supply chain could and should be much closer to home, if this helps us to innovate sustainable solutions.

Our focus on sustainability is driving us forward in search of new material finishes and new material alternatives. Just because everyone uses Iroko wood now, it doesn’t mean it’s the only solution.  We promise to help our customers find sustainable alternatives that will still perform.  

For example, we are investigating potential softwood alternatives with similar or better performance characteristics – testing the longevity of the product, the quality, the ease to work with and ability to create the beautiful lines and bespoke curves required to finish the perfect space.

If you want to ensure that your project supports sustainable practices, ask us about suitable timber options.


Kinley is always striving to make amazing spaces possible. With our experience, we know which materials are suitable and ensure our products are the best they can be. From landscape edging and planters to decking and accessories, Kinley has a solution.


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