Published: April, 2021

Multifunctional Open Communal Spaces – Good or Bad?

Multifunctional open spaces create healthier and more liveable communities by bestowing economic benefits and positive environmental impacts.

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Currently, 68 percent of the world population lives in an urban area. The number is projected to touch 6.4 million by 2050, with maximum population growth concentrating in towns and cities that are less developed regions. Consequently, the cities' landscapes and forms constantly change the design and expand horizontally and vertically. Due to the rapid enhancement in urban population, cities and towns face a dilemma wherein horizontal growth affecting the environment, and vertical growth decreasing the quality of life of the populace, causing various types of mental diseases. The urban sprawl becomes a harmful process due to the increase of artificial soil, CO2 emissions, fragmentation of landscape in peri-urban areas, and others.

The new urban residents desire a different and distinct urban environment with productive open spaces, better living conditions, simplicity of mobility, and diverse cultural practices. Thus, there is demand for sustainable development leading to the densification of cities. Multifunctional open communal spaces are regarded as one of the best features of the city environment that is dynamic in daily life for the populace residing in urban regions, enhancing their quality of life in highly populated cities. 

As the name suggests, Multifunctional spaces are defined as publicly accessible open places designed and built from human activity and enjoyment, such as parks, community gardens, green corridors, plazas and squares, children's playing areas, pedestrian streets, and marketplaces. The idea of multifunctional urban spaces frees up more space for optional activities. Atop, these spaces also minimize the problems that arise with urban dispersion or densification. The multifunctional open spaces create healthier and more liveable communities by bestowing economic benefits and positive environmental.

However, the idea of Multifunctional open space is a well-known concept in agriculture and landscape, which is now popular amongst city planners for urban land use. The multifunctionality image is linked with the idea of the multi-uses (different uses of space in other times) and mixed-usage (combination of a minimum of three different revenue-producing uses in a specific period). This capacity helps the planners and architecture control the urban sprawl and growth by reviving the existing mono-functional spaces with a function different from their mains' and optimizing the operating rate of multi-use spaces multi-purpose project. This concept aimed at a spatial and socioeconomic synergy of other land-use functions to save scarce space by intensifying its use while maintaining a high spatial quality level.

Multifunctional space becomes more productive when a strong connection is built between the space, environment, and the user. Kinley helps develop unique and inspiring urban environments, multifunctional outdoor spaces, and pioneering design and quality landscape products from small to big projects. Its vast range of practical products covers landscape edging, composite decking, bespoke planterssupport structures, and porcelain tiles for terrace systems

  • ExcelEdge (Landscaping Edging) – Perfect for delineating where differing landscape surfaces meet and widely used for commercial landscaping edging.
  • Perimeter (Planters) – High-quality planters, ideal for introducing and defining plants, trees, and green space in an urban environment.
  • Terrafina (Decking) – This solid composite decking gives a world-class finish with an elegant, contemporary style at a low maintenance cost.
  • Atria (Tiles) - Bring to the high specification residential and commercial market the finest Italian porcelain tiling supported by an innovative installation system
  • Raft (Support Structure) – Overcome various standard-essential design and constructional challenges related to podium environment and roof terrace.
  • The Kinley Terrace System – a modular system inluding our product solutions that work together to give an inspirational look to the outdoor spaces.

With these products' help, landscape architects, specifiers, and designers turn all shapes & sizes of commercial and residential outdoor spaces into innovative, imaginative, and enjoyable environments. The Kinley team helps architects, specifiers, and designers at every step from concept design and specification to construction and installation, enabling them to complete the project on time and within budget.

60 London Wall is an example of a best-in-class multifunctional communal open space known for accommodation, accessibility, amenities, and aesthetics. This London office accommodation does not come with so much open space; the five terraces on the upper floors with fantastic views are the building's hidden gem but considerable privacy. Kinley's architects turned those five outdoor spaces into a busy, thriving communal area for office staff, designed with greenery and beautiful architecture. Along with the Terrace systemAtria tiles and curved planters were used to create a beautiful and striking curvature around the building. In contrast, benches were fit for employees and relaxation and guest's entertainment. 


Since its inception in 2008, Kinley Systems has been committed to designing sustainable, high-quality, complex landscaping products and systems. Please find out more about Kinley's excellent range of environmentally sustainable products, all designed and engineered following its rigorous quality management system.

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