Published: December, 2017

The Budget talks the talk - Who will walk the walk?

Kinley listened to the hard landscaping challenges of the outdoor construction industry and are pressing forward with innovative and disruptive solutions.

ExcelEdge, their pioneering and now market leading metal edging systems, achieved a triple breakthrough.  Sustainable aluminium, recycled and recyclable has almost eliminated wasteful and scarce traditional timber kerbing. With immense gains in productivity and reduction of labour costs both in construction and maintenance, the transformed aesthetics and flexibility are ‘value added’.

The productivity gain through offsite construction, highlighted in the budget, is very prominent in the Kinley research and development programme.  For high profile projects, the capacity to create bespoke products by efficient industrial procedures is a goal offering significant benefits.

With Raaft terrace support structure systems Kinley aims to remain at the forefront of innovative and productivity-boosting construction industry tools.   Keep up to date with their progress at Kinley know the challenges confronting you in your current projects.  Networking pools experience and benefits productivity.

Kinley, enthusiastically in pursuit of innovative and disruptive sustainability in the outdoor construction industry, welcomes budget measures highlighting offsite construction to boost productivity.  The capacity to produce bespoke architectural features by industrial methods would offer significant cost/benefits.



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